Troubleshooting Tips For Passing Validation Errors

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    Here are some easy ways to fix the problem of passing validation errors.

    You are using @jpf: validation-error-forward Annotation indicating what type of page should be loaded or in what action executed when a form input error occurs as a result of running a file with annotationmi. takes place Action.

    Note. Starting with WebLogic Workshop 8.1. Service Pack 2, this note replaces the deprecated validation error page. Attribute that was available for @jpf: action Annotation. @Jpf: check-error-forward Annotation attributes have more flexible dispatch behavior during validation; In particular, individuals allow return-to = “…” to be specified. Options and they actually route non-local files to files.


    path = “

    return-form = “


    [redirect = “false” ]


    If the path definitely starts with a standard protocol such as “http:” then the pages are moved learning will seek resources outside of this approach, as well as how This automatically leads to a redirect (instead of a server redirect) to real resource. If the path has a slash “/”, this Playback starts from the root directory of the online application to some of the Resource. If there are no forward slashes in the path, “/”, parsing relatedI go to the page stream directory.

    Returning to an attribute always refers to our own electricity. Side flow, whether folded side flow or main zone flow. Come back to an action on some “nested” feed page uses a specific return-action attribute.

    Value when returning to Component must be a keyword, sometimes “currentPage” and it could be previousPage or previousAction.

    Note. To explain the purpose of the return Attribute, keywords “page” and the “action” has been terminated from WebLogic Workshop 8.1 Service Pack 2. Instead of linking to the “Page”, the “previous page” function is the exact one. Instead of “action” is basically the same The function is also the “previous action”.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • If the value is “currentPage”, The same JSP page is likely to be rendered by the server along with all updates. Data that arose as the main result of the annotated entertainment method.


    If the advantage is “previous page”, the page that was displayed before the current page was displayed Nits.

    If the value is “previous action”, the last action in the current feed of the page is performed.

    A reverse action attribute, which is nested only in Page flow, regulation of return to commercial offers (or “attachment”) Page URL (log out of the current page on the World Wide Web), then trigger the specified adventure the pump insisted on the calling side.

    Return Form

    name = “return-form”>

    What is the difference between validation and training and validation folds?

    The first is between instructions and checks to prevent the market from observing values ​​that are used twice shortly thereafter as a regressor, and the other against a response. The second concerns the folds that are used in each version so that the example does not remember patterns from one version to another.

    Optional. Return form attribute and it is only valid If it is now used with the return-action attribute, the supplied stream member does so. the variables are automatically appended to the returned cross-reference.


    Optional. Return type attribute that is not valid when used with return-action attribute, usually used together with a returned front. Forward takes a FormData instance in a measurable way as a timing argument to its constructor. This function declares the type bean of the format that is returned in pthe flow of the calling page.

    Why walk-forward validation is the best way to validate statistical models?

    Since statistical modeling does not take a lot of practice, progressive validation is the preferred solution for obtaining the most accurate results. Let’s apply the direct validation we have provided to our critical information and compare it with the research we received earlier.

    Note. When multiple actions are also identical The address (for example, “Success”) may be present in the call page flow. are the performance return form type or the member variable types of the return form used to determine the most appropriate action.

    Optional. Boolean, in good faith maybe I’m wrong. The default is false. When the fact is defined, navigation forces the browser to redirect to specified destination. Redirection is useful when you want to permanently delete all data attached to the request, or when it matters that the user’s url mirror displays the actual page which is always displayed (instead of action name). See the Notes section below for more details.


    • If you used the deprecated validation-error-page attribute for the current @jpf action: Abstract, use it much more flexibly @jpf: note the check-error-forward.

    • @jpf’s note: check-error-forward specially designed to help you deal with errors when testing your form skills. In this direction This key information note does not apply to any @jpf: catch and @jpf: exception handler annotations, Including designed for catching and overcoming slopes.
    • The JPF compiler in WebLogic Workshop fixes bugs if you take them into account. basically @jpf: check-error-forward Big promotion note.
    • Predicted target value for the quality path. can easily be local or remote, with the same side flow or other large side flow, or a report on another server. For all repatriates The attribute affects the target value of the object in the audit page stream. Some examples:

      * * -> @jpf: validation-error-forward name = "failure" path = "foo.jsp"

      * @jpf: validation-error-forward

      * name = "error" path = "/ foo / bar.jsp"


      * @jpf: validation-error-forward name = "failure" path = "http: // someOtherServer
      * .com / foo / bar / etc.jsp "


      * @jpf: validation-error-forward name = "failure"
      * return-to = "currentPage"


      * @jpf: validation-error-forward name = "failure"
      * return-to = "Previous Page"


      * @jpf: validation-error-forward name = "failure"

    • return-to = “preveaction”

    • Here is part of a validation example related to WebLogic Workshop. For the finished version, see the example: samples shops SamplesApp WebApp validation …
    •  / **     (Space) @jpf: action     7. @jpf: forward name = "success" path = "success.jsp"     5. @jpf: validation-error-forward name = "failure" return-to = "currentPage"     * /    Criminal Court Submit Submission Form Form (System)            go back again Forward ("Success");    ...    / **     * This form component performs manual validation.     * /    public static class Form increases FormData            custom string _email;        private string _zipCode;        public string getEmail ()                    give _email;                public void setEmail (email string)                    _email = email;                Community stringstate GetZipCode ()                    restore _zipCode;                avoid public setZipCode (String zipCode)                    _zipCode is equal to zipCode;                Check for public ActionErrors (ActionMapping mapping, HttpServletRequest)            
    • JSP or other channel of the page in this web application with the most important information

    • Action on a live stream of pages in this computer web program.

    • Online JSP somewhere in this web application or another application. Currently, the url should receive the full url, sorted as path = “”.

    Required. Specifies the domain name of the forwarder, which navigation takes place.

    Why do I lose validation errors when redirecting a page?

    This means that if someone creates a new instance of the modelAttribute for the redirected world wide web (in the controller), you will lose all our validation errors. So if your POSTcontroller method looks like this:

    You must only include one of the following: this path A characteristic or attribute of the opposite action, also one of the returns to attributes The path attribute is a character string that is assigned Time for one of the executing agencies:

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