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If you have a quick fix anti-virus company on your PC, this guide might help.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    In the May-June 2020 AV-TEST Product Review and Certification Report, Quick Heal Total Security was named the Best Windows Product with an outstanding score of 17.5 / 18 in the latest ranking.

    Quick Heal Technologies (known as Quick Heal) is a highly successful Indian multinational cybersecurity software company headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The company was formerly known as CAT Computer Services Ltd (p), and in 1995 it was used as an IT service center. The company was renamed Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. renamed. LLC inside 2007. [2]

    Which is best in quick heal?

    Best-seller. Fast recovery, complete security.Holiday package Quick Heal Total Safety. (5 235)Quick Heal Total Security for Android. (5 235)Quick Heal Total Security for multiple devices. (5 235)Fast-Healing Internet Security. (5 235)Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro. (5 235)Quick Heal Total Security for Mac.Quick Heal antivirus for servers.

    The company develops security software for homeowners, servers, cloud computing environments, and small and medium businesses and markets products directly to customers or through its partner channels. [3] The company will offer you its branded products under the Seqrite trademark. [4] Companies that repeatedly test products with features and functionality that compare to other similar products. [5] [6] [7]

    quick heal antivirus company

    Quick Heal develops its own security suite and uses a combination of signature and unsigned detection technologies to continue to detect known and Unknown locks in real time. [evaluation required]


    Is Quick Heal AntiVirus Indian company?

    Quick Heal Technologies (aka Quick Heal) is an Indian global cybersecurity software company headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The company was formerly called CAT Computer Services (P) Ltd and was founded in 1995 as a service center for laptops or desktops.

    Quick Heal was founded in 1993 as “CAT Computer Services (P) By ltd” by Kailash Katkar and Sanjay Katkar and was renamed in 2007. Quick Heal Technologies Ltd is listed on ESB [8] sur and NSE. [9]


    In 2010, Quick Heal received a 60 crore investment from Sequoia Capital. [10] And new branches have opened in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. In 2012, offices were opened in Japan, the USA, and in 2013 – in Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

    In 2016, Quick Heal Technologies acquired IT security company Junco Technologies to launch Seqrite Services. [11]

    In 2016, Quick Heal Technologies went public with a market value of almost Rs 1,500 crore. [12]


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    Don’t let Windows errors hold you back.

    Don't let your PC problems get you down! The ASR Pro repair tool can help you diagnose and fix common Windows issues quickly and easily. Plus, by using ASR Pro, you can also increase system performance, optimize memory, improve security and fine tune your PC for maximum reliability. So don't wait - download ASR Pro today!

  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Our customers believe in the security of the digital world and therefore strive to become a respected global leader.

    In 2010, Quick Heal Technologies partnered with private equity firm Sequoia Capital to promote withhowl a new business model and development. As a result, Sequoia Capital invested $ 12 million. AND

    Internet. The personal world has become an integral part of human life. Digital technologies for storing and transmitting information go beyond the physical. Of course, this usually means that digital access has to be done through digital security. This includes products that can guarantee your personality, your strengths and technological innovation in the world of the Internet and mobile devices. Our goal from the outset should be to protect customers from Internet attacks and therefore from outside intrusion by hackers. We are committed to providing digital security solutions in which antivirus software includes software, firewalls, anti-spyware, and data protection, just to name a few. Cloud security solutions range from mobile devices to desktops and gaming machines to servers. Secure personal and business devices give you the freedom to useCreate your digital identity for communication, travel, shopping, banking and performing your tasks in an enjoyable, convenient and secure way.

    Who is the owner of Quick Heal AntiVirus?

    Also Kailash Katkar, MD, CEO of Quick Heal Technologies Limited. Dr. Kailash Katkar is the Managing Director and CEO of Quick Heal Technologies Limited, a leading Indian IT security solutions company. He is responsible for the main direction, strategy and company management.

    We are also convinced that progress is only possible with a deep commitment to the community. Quick Heal experts organize internet and safety seminars for students, teachers, mothers and fathers as part of Heal’s unique business vision

    Quick Security has maintained its leading position as one of the most trusted brands in IT security and has found answers for consumers, mobile devices and customers.

    The best Quick Heal antivirus creams include: Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro, Quick Heal Internet Security, Quick Heal Total Security, Quick Heal Total Security for Mac, Quick Heal Total Security for Android, Quick Heal Security for Android tablets, Quick Heal Mobile … security of Android and BlackBerry platforms and PC tuners for the SOHO segment. Endurance products also include Quick Heal Endpoint Security, which provides management and control of antivirus protection across networks in conjunction with solutions for SMBs and other markets. With the introduction of Quick Terminator Heal, a unified control solutionThreat Management – The company has moved to protect the gateway.

    The company continues to improve and innovate in IT and network security solutions through a successful customer-centric approach and a continuous pursuit of excellence.

    The ecosystem is powered by extensive marketing and a large network of distributors, resellers and system integrators. This computer network provides technical service and customer support before, during and after the sale. They also guide them in making effective decisions within their budget and help them use the Quick Heal product correctly. The company also has an excellent reputation for reliable customer support using 24/7 call centers, SMS, online chat, support forum, email, customer support, remote and local (if applicable).

    We have over 1300 enthusiasts in 36 cities in India. This enables us to respond quickly to virtually any Quick Heal product sale or email request. Since its inception, it has beenover 24 million package installations have been developed and today we have a defined base of active licensed users of over 7 million.

    quick heal antivirus company

    We have money for a presence, global distribution through offices in over 40 countries. As a company, we continue to expand our global presence with a number of new offices in Japan, Kenya and the United Arab Emirates.

    • We are an ISO 27001 certified company with our R&D labs that are also certified according to ISO 27001 Information Security Management System [ISMS] best practices.
    • Our technical support center is almost certainly ISO 20000 certified; This reinforces the idea that our support centers cater to the management system [SMS] best practice group.
    • We are also an ISO 9001 certified company and our processes are in line with the best quality management system practices.

    Speed up your computer now with this software that will fix your PC errors.

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