Tips For Fixing Odi Errors When Saving Custom Settings

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    This user guide has been written to help you when you get an odi error when saving user settings.

    Here you can view billable errors that could not be logged for the current ODI connection.

    The reason for the error is often displayed in a general dialog box. Good

    Click to close this dialog and correct the error.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Settings



    Auto match

    Yes | No | Ask

    Automatically matches source columns with target articles as new datastores are added, allowing you to detect matches with telephone columns in the interface.

    Automatic Assignment Confirmation

    0 | 1

    Deprecated. Do not use this option.

    Interface Schema Help

    0 | 1

    If set to 1, a functional help message is displayed if there is no interface diagram with attached datastores.

    Process model data store only

    Yes | No | Ask

    Specifies whether DDL should create rules for datastores not includedx to this model. “Ask” if there is a confirmation message.

    Operator display restrictions (0=no restrictions)


    If the number of sessions displayed to the agent exceeds the number of sessions, a confirmation message is displayed. Default: 100

    Delay between two payments (in seconds)


    The number of seconds between forced updates in the Operator. Aligned only when automatic update is enabled.

    Default directory for PDF creation


    When creating a report, specify the directory where the resulting .pdf file should be saved.

    PDF Viewer

    path file

    Fill in the path, including the program filename, to view the generated .pdf files. Required to successfully use the open file after creating the settings.

    Directory to save your charts (PNG)


    Specifies the default lists in which to save the generatedA ripped .png declaration when printing a diagram template using the Common Format Designer.

    Request buffer size


    odi error while saving user preferences

    The number of cached SQL statements generated by Data Integrator to access the repository. In some cases this needs to be set if you want to effectively disable theme caching.

    Default agent

    agent name

    When executing an object, each of our agents selected it by default in the Execution Options window. If an invalid agent name is specified, the primary agent will be used.

    Default execution context

    Context name

    When an object is executed, the specified context is displayed by default in the Execution Options window. If an invalid circumstance name is specified, the default label is used in the constructor.

    Oracle Data Integrator expired


    The number of seconds a client must wait during a connection before giving up. Increase this value if youRegularly run into practical timeout problems. Default: 30.Colspan=”1″

    Check parallel editing order

    0 | 1

    When you save changes to an item, Marketplace checks to see if another user has made other changes to the same item. If another user has made changes, the goal cannot be saved.

    Disable protest on close

    0 | 1| Ask

    When opening a product for checkout:

    • 1: will be blocked immediately

    • 0: not my castle

    • Questions: The user is prompted to lock the object normally.

    Unlock object during close

    0 | 1| Ask

    When closing a modified object:

    • 1: it will be unlocked automatically

    • 0: Often not unlocked

    • Request: prompt the user to unlock the item.

    odi error while saving user preferences

    UseCall new load balancer

    Yes | No

    When using load management, agents that have run out of demos may be assigned sessions from alternate agents that are not yet running. Otherwise, sessions are assigned one at a time.

    8i | 9i | 10g | 11g | 12s | 13c | 18s | 19s | 21s | Miscellaneous | PL/SQL | sql | CAR | web logic | Linux

    This tutorial shows how to perform a fresh silent install of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12c ( on Oracle Linux 6 and 7 (OL6 and OL7) using Oracle 12c Database Release 1 (12.1) for the repository . created with the Repository Creation Utility (RCU).

  • Assumptions
  • Downloads
  • Additional operating system packages
  • Installing database software
  • Creating a database
  • Response files
  • Prepare response files
  • Installing WebLogic
  • ODI configuration
  • Repository Configuration Utility (RCU)
  • ODI configuration
  • Configuring the ODI agent
  • Start/Stopp
  • Domain cleanup
  • Automatic installation and configuration: YES, DBCA, WebLogic
  • Assumptions

    To keep this article as short as possible, I make the following assumptions.

  • You have already set up a host server (virtual or physical) with Oracle Linux Seven or 7 (OL6 OL7) or (described here OL6 OL7) or
  • The prerequisites for installing Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) have been met (described here or ol6 OL7).
  • You are very familiar with the concept of automatic tuning (described here).
  • To simplify the components, we will install both this database and ODI on the same machine. This is not advice. So the paths might look a bit odd as it will always be a combination of OFA for our own database and my typical WebLogic paths for installations.
  • Speed up your computer now with this software that will fix your PC errors.

    Erreur Odi Lors De L’enregistrement Des Préférences Utilisateur
    Odi-Fehler Beim Speichern Der Benutzereinstellungen
    Errore Odi Durante Il Salvataggio Delle Preferenze Utente
    Odi-fel När Användarinställningarna Sparas
    Błąd Odi Podczas Zapisywania Preferencji Użytkownika
    사용자 환경 설정을 저장하는 동안 Odi 오류
    Ошибка Odi при сохранении пользовательских настроек
    Erro Odi Ao Salvar As Preferências Do Usuário
    Error De Odi Al Guardar Las Preferencias Del Usuario