You Need To Get Rid Of Inspiron 1525, Reinstall XP Problems

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    In this article, we’re going to find out some of the possible causes that might lead to reinstalling your Inspiron 1525 XP, and then I’ll suggest possible recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.

    b) Site of the manufacturer of device drivers (found in every person).

    There are easy ways to do this, this special “easy way” that Dell uses to factory tune machines like the Inspiron 1520 with XP or your “hard” way which gives you much better hard drive performance. Since I have experience with 200GB force at 7200 RPM, I took the “hard” path.

    Easy to use method: SATA drive in “compatibility mode” by switching to BIOS.

    1. Go to BIOS from Press and hold F2 immediately after turning on the device.

    2. Scroll down to peripheral devices from bottom to edge, expand, select SATA drive

    3. Change SATA – Configure that is (AHCI if you need ATA), exit the single BIOS menu

    4. Face = “Arial” To order a boat go and make sure CD-ROM is designated as a boot device

    Face = “Arial” 7. Restart and click the button when this method prompts you to start the CD-ROM

    8.Face = “Times Install Windows XP in most cases, then add the drivers (follow the instructions below).

    On a standalone device, follow these instructions using nlite to create a Windows XP boot diskette with AHCI Truck drivers:

    â € 2. Download all XP drivers from our Dell site by entering your object code or by selecting a model. Save some of them to external storage.

    Another hurdle: Inspiron ships a SATA hard drive and the XP configuration does not recognize the hard drive. There are two options, AHCI and Flash, disable BIOS cache and / or enable ATA mode, XP will recognize the hard drive from that day on, but it will definitely cause a drop in performance, and obviously Windows will crash if you are on a particular switch. at AHCI in the future.

    Best to include AHCI drivers in XP configuration. In this context we are using a device called nlite (nLite – Deployment Tool for Unattended Bootable Windows Blocking) and Apple Matrix Memory Manager drivers from the current Dell site.

    a. write all files from XP DVD to a folder on your computer, extract intel sata drivers relative to another folder
    b. Click Next> Next, a task selection window will appear, select Enable Drivers and create a bootable ISO (you can also customize and modify the installation that activates other buttons)
    c. Click Next in the Driver Integration dialog box, select insert, specify the location of the generated ahci drivers, the selected drivers will be displayed as shown in the
    window d. From there click until you get to create an ISO bootable window. Finished. Test it by prompting you to shut it down and see if it recognizes the hard drive in BIOS ahci mode. “
    inspiron 1525 reinstall xp

    These drivers are available from the Dell Support Site for the Inspiron 1520:

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • The trick is to install the Dell Prepaid Wireless Card utility. C At this point, you can download the drivers directly to the source device.

    There are not too many drivers in the 1525 URL as a Vista driver, but they perform better than some 1520 driver types, such as the TouchPad and Dell QuickSet Utility.

    If you know exactly what you are doing, the time elapsed to update this fact is approximately 3 hours. Not bad when you consider that Dell still takes about 2 hours to ship a publicly available update disc (and these people wouldn’t do that).

    The bonus is that you never get unnecessary Dell software such as Dell Media Experience Player and even the almost unnecessary Symantec antivirus, which usually lags. your computer greatly.

    I have verified that all of your devices are working unless I have Dell Media Experience installed.

    Maybe I hooked up my new Designer floppy drive from the Vista backup CD, then put XP on the floppy drive and made it a task – but why bother? Media Player 11 plays DVDs and CDs equally well.

    For those who care, don’t expect Dell to save XP on your PC. If someone thinks you are responsible for the hardware, you need to prove that they have Vista installed.

    The best way to solve this problem has always been to install XP on a new hard drive and then leave the old “external” drive behind, buying a $ 15 cover to install it.

    inspiron 1525 reinstall xp

    Assuming you need to rollback Vista, this will be done within 1 minute of replacing the disks.

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