Tips To Resolve A Scrolling Problem With A Dell Laptop TouchPad

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    In the past few days, some users have had a known issue where the touchpad of a Dell laptop has stopped scrolling. This problem occurs for several reasons. We will talk about this below.

    How do I get my Dell laptop touchpad to scroll?

    You would scroll vertically and horizontally. Click on the window or item you really want to scroll and swipe up or down on the right edge of the trackpad to scroll vertically. Swipe left or right along the bottom edge of the touchpad to scroll horizontally.

    I have the same problem. Usually this kind of problem is related to the owner car. However, Dell is completely useless when it comes to drivers for each touchpad as they are not available for download in XP designed for my 9370 model. Dell has some touchpad drivers for other great XPS models, but they are included after one installer. the installer checks the laptop model and refuses to boot if its own check fails.

    As far as I know, touchpads are fine for this. So a similar option is to get Synaptics in exchange for drivers. however, they don’t even offer downloads on most websites.

    This is all nonsense as drivers usually have to be available for download and it is very unprofessional for Dell not to offer them. You will leave the touchpad in the hands of Windows Poker, which will take care of the touchpads. However, when some laptops are not compatible, Dell Windows did nothing. So when you check the version of a specific driver on the XPS, this 9370 indicates that these are drivers between 2006.

    dell laptop touchpad scroll stopped working

    I tried different solutions again, but didn’t find one that really works x. I eventually found the Synaptics drivers at the third event and the website made them install on the XPS. I haven’t finished testing yet, so I don’t know if this actually works. however the drivers and touchpad work. I’ll wait if you need to see if the problem is resolved or not

    • Click Start.
    • Click Control Panel.
    • From the drop-down menu next to View By: in the upper-right corner, select Large Icons.
    • Click.
    • Click the TouchPad – Dell or Device Settings tab.
    • if the Dell Touchpad tab was displayed.
    • Click the image of the touch panel.
    • Click Gesture Settings.
    • Activate Scrolling.
    • After changing the parameters, click OK.

    Rajesh R. Thanks & Cheers
    Learn more about Dell product support, drivers & downloads, shipping & order status -> select your US region; UNITED KINGDOM; India. To view Dell Support videos, clickSee here.
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    Explorer … I thought the idea was in the standard Windows 10 explorer. Isn’t the Internet exploring Windows, it searches the Internet for everything.

    Why is my touchpad two finger scroll not working?

    Switch to the touchpad hook (or device settings if you don’t have a tablet) and hit the entire Settings button. This will open the properties window. Expand the Multi-finger gestures section, and then make sure the square next to two-finger scrolling is observed. If the field is blank, click on it to configure.

    I don’t need a separate link to the explorer information; I already know, I’m talking about a new one. I had no idea what Microsoft now calls it Explorer, but if you knew before that the real name is Windows Explorer, then perhaps the most logical choice would be I mean Explorer.

    Is your company or anyone else new to using two-finger scrolling on the Dell touchpad in Windows 10 Explorer?

    After installing a new antivirus program associated with my Dell Inspiron My 1564, the touchpad navigation function actually worked. I’ve tried the following, but nothing has helped so far:

    I’ve tried changing settings in Start / Control Panel / Mouse, or it just comes with mouse options – I don’t understand anything to do with a specific touchpad

    Onsome help sites say something about right clicking most of the touchpad icons (at the big bottom of the screen and next to the clock?) – I can’t see anything other than the touchpad icon

    It pisses me off right now – can anyone help me?

    PS I’ve always been a self-taught computer scientist, so stick to the technical and technical facts and 🙂

    Why did my trackpad stop scrolling?

    The touchpad may not respond to scrolling if a specific two-finger scrolling feature is disabled on your Ultimate PC. You can perform these calculations to enable two-finger scrolling: From Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound> Mouse. Expand Multi-finger gestures by selecting the Two-finger scrolling check box.

    Thanks for the instructions, good business for any help or ideas you may have. xx

    Find the latest vehicle for your touchpad from Dell Support by listing your service numbers here:

    SAVE the downloaded file in a more convenient place, for example on your desktop (you can attach it elsewhere later)

    1) Find the Synaptics Pointing Device Driver in User Control Panel under Programs / Uninstall a Program and completely uninstall the main software. Instead, select the Restart option. Author

    2) On the control panel in the “Equipmentand Sound ”, find“ Device Manager ”under the“ Devices and Printers ”category and click it (Device Manager may require administrator rights).

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  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
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  • 3) Find mice and other devices pointing at them and click to expand them. You can still get a touch floor through the PS / 2 Synaptics port. If so, click Remove. well that warns. When prompted to restart your computer, use the Tab key on your keyboard to highlight the restart option, and then press Enter on your keyboard.

    ** After restarting, the touchpad can be used with limited functions, without any manners or presets. THIS IS PERFECT if now.

    4) Repeat steps 1, 2, BUT and 3 AT THIS TIME. Select the absolutely specified mouse here … possibly an HID-compliant mouse. Restart your computer as in step 3

    5) Windows will make sure to automatically “detect” new hardware and / or install it for a HID-compliant PS / 2 mouse to return the touchpad to its restricted area. This is what we want to double!

    6) Select and install the downloaded driver Synaptics Dell touchpad.

    dell laptop touchpad scroll stopped working

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