Db2 Connection Error Codes Should Be Removed From Tasks

Hope that if you have db2 connection error codes on your system, this guide can help you fix them.

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    In many cases, this error can occur when the remote client is connected and cannot connect to the Db2 Connect server. The TCP / IP service name and plug-in number specifications may not match on the IBM Resource Server client and Db2 Connect server. Check the entries in the TCP / IP service files on each computer.

    Questions And Answers

    What is error code 924 in DB2?

    Db2 11 – Codes – SQLCODE -924 -924DB2 INTERNAL CONNECTION ERROR, Function code, Return code, Reason code Explanation The connection to Db2 failed due to an unexpected internal error identified by the value of the reason code. System Action The report could not be processed. Finally, no connection to Db2 has been established. Programmer’s answer

    [“Product”: “Code”: “SSRS7Z”, “Label”: “IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition”, “Business Unit”: “Code”: “BU053”, “Label”: “Cloud and Data Platform”, “Component”: “DB2 Information Integrator for Content”, “Platform”: [“code”: “PF002”, “label”: “AIX”, “code”: “PF016”, “label”: “Linux”, ” code “:” PF027 “,” label “:” Solaris “,” code “:” PF033 “,” label “:” Windows “],” Version “:” 8.1; 8.2 “,” Edition “:” “,” Line of Business “:” Code “:” LOB45 “,” Label “:” Automation “,” Product “:” Code “:” SSRS7Z “,” Label “:” IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition ”,“ Business Units “:” code “:” BU053 “,” label “:” Cloud & Platform “,” Component “:” Usage “,” Platform “: [” code “:” PF002 “,” label “:” AIX “, “code”: “PF016”, “label”: “Linux”, “code”: “PF027”, “label”: “Solaris”, “code”: “”, “label”: “UNIX”, “code” : “”, “Label”: “Windows data 2000”, “code”: “”, “label”: “Windows NT”], “Version”: “8.1; 8.2”, “Edition”: “”, “Line of Business “:” code “:” LOB45 “,” shortcut “:” Automation “]


    I was trying to connect to a remote mission critical DB2 server and I received the following error message: “SQL30081N A communication error was detected. The communication protocol uses “TCP / IP”: the communication API is used: “SOCKETS”. Where the error was found: It turned out to be “”. The communication function detects a specific error: “connect”. Selected protocol error codes: “79”, “*”, “*”. SQLSTATE = 08001 “


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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • The following error occurs when a specific remote client cannot connect to the DB2 Connect gateway:

      SQL30081N A transmission error was detected. Communication used in the project: "TCP / IP". API exchange is encouraged: "SOCKETS". Where the error was found: "". Communication function detecting "connect" error:. Error messagesIbki protocol: "79", "*", "*". STATUS SQL = 08001


    1. Ensure that the DB2COMM profile variant on this DB2 Connect gateway is set to tcpip by entering the following in the DB2 direction line:

    2. Verify that the entries in the TCP / IP service files on the client, in addition to the gateway computers, match the following environment. There can usually be a very large difference between the TCP / IP Service Subject and / or the port number specifications on the DB2 client and the DB2 Connect gateway.
      1. Open the DB2 Command Viewer on the DB2 server and enter:

        db2 get dbm | cfg grep SVCENAME

        For example, if the domain name of the TCP / IP service (SVCENMAE) = db2c_db2inst1, then you would enter:

        db2 get dbm | cfg grep db2c_db2inst1

      2. Open the service archive from / etc and get the plugin number for this service. For example:

        db2c_db2inst1 50000 / tcp

      3. Open a DB2 Command Window on the client machine and enter:

        db2 sets the host directory to

        Make sure our service name is given, as the correct port number is often listed in the catThe services directory of the DB2 instance.

      4. If the port number on this client side does not match what the server offers, you must remove the client computer host from the directory:

        db2 uncatalog node node name
        Catalog the host again with the correct port value:

        DB2 Directory TCPIP Node Remote Host Generic Name [hostname | ip_address] server [svcename | port number].

    3. Make sure DB2 is running on the DB2 gateway:
      1. On the gateway, I would say the database manager configuration diagnostic level is set to 4. A DB2 command window appears and type:

        db2 install dbm cfg with diaglevel 4

      2. After pausing and restarting DB2, check the specific db2diag.log file to see if the DB2 TCP / IP connection has started. You should actually see a result like this:

        1998-02-03- instance: svtdbm2 node: 00
        PID: 86496 (db2sysc) Application ID: None
        common_communication sqlcctcp_start_listen Example: 80
        DIA3000I TCPIP support started successfully.

      3. Once the problem is resolved, return to the standard diagnostic level. Higherthe level will definitely reduce performance.
    4. Open a db2 command window and enter the subject of the client-to-server connection. The link has been established.

    How to find the root cause of a DB2 error message?

    The root cause is independent of DB2. Ask your network administrator to collect client and server network errors to find the cause. This text is returned when the client is waiting for a response from the server and the server has not responded for a long time. May be caused by a lookahead timeout.

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