Resolve Internal Data Provider Error -3000 Problem With System.string Transaction

You should read these troubleshooting methods if you get an internal data provider error-3000 system.string transactioncope error.

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    data provider internal error-3000 system.string transactionscope

    We definitely have an application, it is using an instance of Oracle Application 2

    We need a transaction that can be used globally in the middle of the entire database. Install “Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Services” as a component and configure MsDTC.


    When I do this I get an important error: Internal data provider error (-3000)

    I googled this error and found this helpful link:, you can see the OracleMTSRecoveryService is working correctly and I’m having problems using “transaction promotable = local” because I don’t have a distributed transaction :)

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • The DTC is set up very well, DTCPing can work without problem.

    Hello, I am using In Action 4.0 from Pattern and my team needs to connect Oracle Databse to the Oracle.DataAccess.Client provider.

    I need to do many steps next to the transaction service level using TransactionDecorator

    I need to enable a breakpoint for Oracle.DataAccess in the ServiceLayer to propagate the associated connection mewaiting for Step

    I’m not sure if MSDTC will work with me in a production environment, I want to use a local community transaction with the same connection

     connectionString = "User ID = xxx; Password = xxx; Data Source = oralex; DEAL PROMOTION = LOCAL"

    Is this the right strategy? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated !!!!!!

    I implemented the above solution after studying this post:

    Using TransactionScope with ODP.NET

    data provider internal error-3000 system.string transactionscope

    If you are using Oracle Database Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) and also want to use TransactionScope, you may have missed the hated “Internal Data Provider Error (-3000) [System.String]”. I will explain to you how I arranged everything.

    If you want to support redirected transactions, first make sure you usually install and start the OracleMTSRecoveryService associated with your computer (it comes with the Data Oracle Access Components installation), or possibly another computer using your method if because it is is configured correctly on the MSDTC tab in the Component Services applet.

    If you don’t need sgenetransacted transactions, you can set the port string parameter TRANSACTION PROMOTABLE = LOCAL to a new connection string, for example:

    cmd. = commandtext “SELECT sysdate FROM double”; DateTime short = (DateTime) cmd.ExecuteScalar ();

    For more information, see the Oracle Data Provider for .NET Provider Guide, Developer. This is the e10927.pdf file in the B28359_01 win.111 Oracle documentation (version 11g).

     using (TransactionDecorator transaction = new TransactionDecorator ())                                            using (connection Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleConnection = DataObjects.ONYX.ODP.NET.Db2.Connect ())                                                    //. Insert the folder and fill in the structure - recursively                            dx = folderDao.OnyxSsprodInsert (dx, connection);                            /// 4. Insert Dinamiche note                            notaDinamicaDaoDao.InsertCollection (dx.NoteDinamiche, connection);                            /// 5. Enter Tibco details                            ReiszioneDao.TibcoWsInsert (dx.DataRicezione, connection);                            /// 6. Insert Tibco Prestazi trans.                            prestazioneDao.InsertCollection (dx.Prestazioni, connection);                            // sept. Insert note to insert sofa                            notaSinteticaDao.InsertCollection (dx.NoteSintetiche, connection);                                            
     OnyxSsprodInsert shared folder (folder, OracleConnection connection = null)                    where (folder.IsValid ())                           Bool close is false;                it should be (join == null)                                    string constr = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings [1] .ConnectionString.Trim ();                    union = Db2.Connect (); // get a new connection                    close = true;                                // Create a command to implement the SQL statement.                OracleCommand cmd = new OracleCommand ("Insert folder", connection);                // The DbCommand is db.                // OracleCommand cmd. = New Oracle command ("insertDossier_type", join);                cmd.CommandType = CommandType. stored procedure;               cmd.Parameters.AddRange (Take (Folder));                To attempt                                    // Execute the command; Let the functions fill                    cmd.ExecuteNonQuery ();                    // Create this OracleDataAdapter                    OracleDataAdapter da = OracleDataAdapter charge (cmd);                    // Fill the DataSet with refcursor1.                    DataSet ds stands for DataSet (); new da.Fill (ds, "p_return_cursor", (OracleRefCursor) (cmd.Parameters ["p_return_cursor"]. Value));                    .....                                capture (exception e)                                    System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine ("Error: 0  , e.Message);                    Garbage;                                finally                                    // Delete the OracleCommand object                    cmd.Dispose ();                    // Close local connection if available                    if (close)                                            obviously if (join! = null)                                                    Connection.closed ();                            Connection.Entsorgen ();                                                                                    different                            // Throw an error exception                throw a new exception ArgumentException (string.Join (System.Environment.NewLine, folder.Errors.ToArray ()));                        return home file;        

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